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The Comic Carnival Podcast

Oct 31, 2020


Did you miss us? We missed you. This week, we're back from a quarantine-induced hiatus and with our most requested (by him) guest star yet, Tony Troxell! We talk about Geeking In Indiana, go into some detail about the recent shift in how comic shops obtain DC comics, a game.

Join us!

Also: Check out the

Jun 6, 2020

Hey folks, remember us?

We actually recorded this episode months and months ago, but it got lost among...let's just say "the events of 2020 so far" and did not get published. This is definitely Mike's fault, so be sure to remind him.

This episode features an interview with Joshua Bullock about his comic 'Monarchs'. It's...

Jan 25, 2020

What was last, now is first. Welcome to Comic Carnival's Comic Junkies for 2020!

This time, we try to talk about the DC implosion and explosion of the 70's, but...well, the point is we tried.

Also, marvel as Mike tries to make sense of Tim's version of MATCH GAME.

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